Run VS in admin mode on Win7 for remote access

This is really one of those duh kinda things, but I thought I’d just put it up here in case it helps at all.

Once I made the switch to Win7 on my work PC, I noticed when I remote desktop’d in I could not run the debugger for an already open VS instance without shutting down and starting as admin. I noticed in some screencast from people such as Phil Haack that the VS window had “(Administrator)” in the title bar. This made a little light bulb appear over my head as I had an “aha!” moment: just run VS as an admin.

I had already pinned VS to my taskbar, so I stopped for a second when I right-clicked on the VS icon and saw no “Run as administrator” option. I quickly realized I could right-click yet again on “Microsoft Visual Studio 2010” fromt he jump menu and lo and behold there was my “Run as administrator” option.