New photo galleries

I finally got everything squared away with my web host so that I could update WordPress and my plugins. We have been snapping photos like crazy on our weekend excursions, so I thought, “why not add a gallery?” So I installed the NextGen gallery plugin.

Use the photo tab above to navigate to the different photo galleries.

More remote jQuery validation

In my previous post, I lament the troubles I had with remote validation. I got it working, but I am a stickler and a perfectionist, so I had to have more. I wanted unobtrusive validation and I wanted my error messages to show up properly. I also did not want to use the Remote annotation because I needed to use localization, which I have not been able to get working (it needs static strings).

I did some more banging my head on the keyboard, then I realized I could just emulate what was going on with the Remote annotation. So, I made a new FluentValidation rule and went about it. I realized soon I was missing someattributes, but when I tries to add attributes with dashes MVC balked. “WTF?” I thought. Thanks to the power of the googles, I am now no longer left wondering. I found this great post that gave me just what I needed. The gist is that when you define a rule, if you add additional validation parameters, they will be preceded by the original rule name. For example, I made a rule for data-remote, and I needed data-remote-url. If I added a ValidationParamter for “url”, it would append that to “data-remote-” and all would work as planned. HOORAY!

CSS3 Gradient Buttons

I was doing some style updates for our CCNET server after switching to the liquidBlue theme (why is that not the default theme?) and I wanted some nicer buttons. I did a quick search and found this great article. It provides a bunch of color templates, though none of them seemed to quite match the color palette so I just opted to forgo the gradient in the button. Maybe when I have some more time I’ll take a crack at figuring out the colors for the gradients.

Automated Nuget package creation

We have some core libraries that a lot of other libraries depend on. While these change very infrequently, they were written a while ago and some refactoring is in order. The problem is I don’t want to have to doa lot of manual updating. I thought I’d look into automating Nuget packages.

The article has sample scripts which I’ll be able to adapt and setup to generate Nuget packages on build. I can then copy the packages to a local Nuget server ad then I’ll be able to set up the other libraries to use Nuget so they can easily get any future updates!

Remote Desktop auto disconnect and logoff


To set time limits for automatically disconnecting or logging-off a user from a remote desktop session:

  1. Open group Policy by running gpedit.msc.
  2. Select Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Terminal Services > Sessions.
    In Windows 2008: Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Session Host > Session Time Limits.
  3. Right-click on Set time limit for disconnected sessions.
  4. Select Properties.
  5. Check Enable and select time you want under End a disconnected session.

Selenium Testing

I just started using Selenium 2 for some site testing. I used Selenium IDE for Selenium 1, but things are a bit different without that crutch. I am trying to use XPath selectors since I am using Webforms, and I am not real familiar with XPath. I found a great post on using Firebug to check your XPath. Now I can tet out my XPath and make sure it actually selects the proper page element before I run my test and bang my head against the wall!