SVG CSS Injection

Through some random occurence I stumbled upon PJ Onori’s blog. I noticed a post titled “SVG CSS Injection” – that seemed pretty interesting, so I clicked. I was pleasantly surprised.

I have always thought vector graphics were really cool. I like the concept of SVG, but I haven’t gotten much into it. I still don’t know what tool to use to make the SVG graphics, but once made, PJ’s technique seems like a pretty cool concept. Basically, he “injects” the SVG graphics in the page where he can then manipulate them with javascript. He can change the color on-the-fly, etc. There is a nice demo page to show off his work.

The code is available on Github, so you can fork it if you think it is awesome. I hope to have a chance to play with it. I may not get to use it at work, but maybe I can sprinkle some SVG goodness on this blog. We’ll see…