Remote jQuery validation

I just spent too much time banging me head against the wall trying yo get remote validation working. Each of the examples I found just did not seem to work, until I found this post from It used an interesting syntax that I had not seen anywhere. Until I found that post, all the examples used remote as an attribute under “rules”, but I could not seem to get it to work. The jquery4u syntax worked.

When I see multiple examples that I cannot get to work, I can never seem to let it go, so I started trying to get that syntax to work. I finally realized that, even though I had seen examples where data was passed, the way to get it to work was just to specify the URL and let jQuery validation do the rest. It creates a query param using the name you specify in the validator (so essentially your input name) as well as the value of the input. I finally got that working. This post from helped set me straight.

My final struggle was to get unobtrusive validation working as well as an error message in my validation summary. I found how you can decorate an attribute on your model, but we use localization, and that just doesn;t work. We use FluentValidation, and that allows us to use our localization strings, so I wanted to see if FV could handle remote. It turns out it isn’t out of the box, but I found this post where a user created his own RemoteValidator.

It too me a while, but I knew it would and should all work!