WCF Validation

The great thing about writing code is that you are almost assured that whatever you think would “be cool” someone out there in the world has written already. For example, I wanted to use DataAnnotations on my WCF model for validation. Silly me, I thought it would just work. I mean, it makes sense, right? Well, while it doesn’t work out of the box, it is something that makes sense, so someone wrote the code already!

I found this post over at DevTrends. It explains the logic behind using DataAnnotations for validation. My favorite part:

So a fantastic validation framework is available with .NET. All we need to do is integrate it into WCF.

Really, I am surprised this isn’t part of the framework, but whatever. Paul created a NuGet package, and that makes it so easy that it may as well be part of the framework. Thanks, Paul!