Star Rating plug-in


This jQuery plugin is based on Wil Stuckey's and John Resig's work. The basic star rating plugin they came up with was great, but there were just afew things missing from it. There are a few other great jQuery rating plugins already available, but they weren't exactly what I was looking for. They either don't degrade gracefully or they use radio buttons for the form elements. Beyond that, I have never written a jQuery plugin before, so I thought this would be a excellent learning experience. I certainly know much more about jQuery and plugins now.

This sample keeps track of the number of submissions and binds the stars accordingly. This is just a simple session store, so it is quite basic. The ASPX pages for the example are included within the zip file. If you don't use .NET, you may be able to recreate the pages quite easily (in PHP, ASP classic, JSP, whatever) as they really are quite basic. I simply wanted to recreate a data store but without all the intracacies to show how the plugin would work.

I added some options to the plugin:


1.0: Sep 15, 2009
Initial release

1.1: May 6, 2011
Fixed incorrect class name attribute


To do's

I am sure I'll find that I need to be able to pass more data through than what I have specified, so I'll probably add that soon. If you have any feedback, contact me