We have decided to use backbone.js for a project at work, so I have been soaking up everything I can find about it. Tekpub has a great series (currently in development) that I am really digging, and it has got me pretty excited.

I recently checked out the Peepcode preview and it looks pretty promising. A co-worker also pointed me to a great book hosted on Github. I’d also like to check out the NetTuts backbone/.NET videos. Can you tell I like video learning?

I started thinking that WebAPI would probably work really well with backbone rather than a full-blwon MVC site. I started searching and I have been finding some great links, so I thought I’d compile a list of them here:

I am (obviously) a little late to jump on the backbone bandwagon, so there is a ton of great content out there. I would really like to find a project that can allow C# code to be converted into backbone models, but that may be a bit difficult. It would be great to use the strongly-typed models and then add some spice for backbone and have some Nuget-able library that can convert the C# model/spice to backbone for you to save some of the javascript work. Don’t get me wrong – I am not afraid of javascript. Quite the contrary – I have grown to really love javascript. What I don’t like is doing things twice. Writing the backbone views and then writing a lot of the same type of code on the server-side (for the data persistence) just doesn’t sound appealing.

One thing that could maybe make it all a little easier is to use Massive. I recently swapped out some data access code that was using SubSonic to use Massive (eliminating some other DLLs along the way too) and it is pretty cool. Of course, it uses the dreaded dynamic keyword, so no fancy-pants Intellisense, but that is okay. Methinks that a properly coded backbone app using WebAPI would result in very little server-side code anyway, so some dynamic objects pushing and pulling to and from a db would be no big deal.